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Research Partner Profile

Yale University

Principal Investigator
Jon Butler
Dean of the Graduate School
Tel (203) 432-2733

Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director
John R. Mangan
Assistant Dean of the Graduate School
Tel (203) 432-8093

Participating Programs (9)
African American Studies
Computer Science
Engineering and Applied Science
English Language and Literature
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Political Science

The cornerstone of Yale’s efforts to increase retention among underrepresented minority (URM) students and women will be the “Bouchet Fellows Program”: a developmental program to nurture women and URM graduate students throughout their graduate study at Yale. We will implement a three-pronged approach to ensure adequate resources to support the needs of women and underrepresented minorities: peer-to-peer advising, research career development seminars, and developing skills in scholar workshops. Eligible program participants will be women in the participating programs and all URM doctoral students at Yale.

Proposed Interventions

  • Evaluate the effects of existing program profiles (one-page information sheets with information on admissions, total enrollment, completion, time-to-degree, etc.) via a survey we send to all accepted applicants
  • Survey the admissions committees to determine if the existing diversity statement allowed them to expand their understanding of the applicant’s strengths and appropriateness for their program
  • Provide additional information on department Web sites about department and faculty (e.g. CV’s, planned faculty leaves, dissertation titles) to assist prospective students in selecting a program
  • Create a document that explains/describes doctoral education, including a series of questions applicants may want to ask themselves and their departments of interest
  • We will implement two mentoring programs—one aimed at all students, to be developed by the participating departments, and the Bouchet Fellows Program, focused on underrepresented minority students and women


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