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Research Partner Profile

Princeton University

Principal Investigator
William B. Russel
Dean, Graduate School
Tel (609) 258-3035

Co-Principal Investigator
David N. Redman
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Tel (609) 258-3032

Participating Programs (8)
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Molecular Biology

Princeton proposes to study the effects of specific interventions and programs on reducing attrition and increasing Ph.D. completion in selected STEM disciplines and a small number of non-science areas, for two reasons. First, in the disciplines we have chosen, we argue that with additional, carefully monitored efforts, we can either reduce “bad” attrition or increase degree completion, or both, through the activities of this project. Second, we feel that certain features of our graduate programs which are already in place may be helpful or instructive to the overall analysis of what specific factors contribute powerfully to low-attrition, high-output doctoral programs.

Proposed Interventions

Project Activity

Target Department(s)

Early campus visits

All departments except Molecular Biology

Exit interviews

All departments

Dissertation advising and mentoring

All departments except Politics

Workshops for students and faculty

All departments except Politics

Regular discussion groups with students of color and women

STEM disciplines

Scientific and technical writing course

STEM disciplines


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