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Research Partner Profile

Université de Montréal

Principal Investigator
Jacques Frémont
Vice Rector, International and Graduate Studies
Tel (514) 343-6537

Central Data Collection Office
Rachel Houle
Project Manager, Bureau de Recherche Institutionnelle
Tel (514) 343-6311, x 8924

Participating Programs (8)
Applied Human Sciences
Computer Science
French Studies
Molecular Biology
Political Science

The University of Montreal’s approach has been to define, with each Program Director, targets for attrition reduction rates, completion rates, and time to degree. At the same time we identify practical measures to achieve the desired results. A substantial increase in institutional financial student support distributed by the FGS over the last three years has been an intervention of choice. We also work through the Central University Faculty Training Center to offer workshops and seminars to faculty members, especially on supervisory practices and the governance of graduate studies.

Proposed Interventions
The proposed interventions apply to all 8 programs selected:

  • Provide data about PhD completion on website and make the information available to prospective students, including at pre-admission campus visits
  • Revise graduate handbook to include information on completion data
  • Evaluate all students on a regular basis, including written report and discussion between student and advisor
  • Create best supervisory practices workshops for new faculty, including emphasis on importance of the program Ph.D. performance data and factors contributing to attrition, completion, and time to degree
  • Use graduate student completion and attrition data in the determination of monetary allocations to department
  • Graduate student “survival skills” workshops
  • Regular discussions between faculty and students about graduate program
  • Orientation sessions for directors of graduate studies and graduate secretaries


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