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Research Partner Profile

University of Missouri—Columbia

Principal Investigator
Pam Benoit
Vice Provost for Advanced Studies and Dean of the Graduate School
Tel (573) 882-6311

Co-Principal Investigator
Ronald Drobney
Assistant Dean of the Graduate School
Tel (573) 882-6311

Participating Programs (10)
Animal Sciences
Biological Sciences
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Psychological Sciences
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

The primary objectives of the proposed project are to develop and assess a series of interventions that wi1l: 1) eliminate the completion rate gap; and, relative to 20 year program averages 2) reduce late attrition by 25%, and 3) reduce early attrition by 15%. Interventions are designed to address both late and early attrition. This developmental approach will be assessed by an evaluation strategy that permits cross-sectional comparisons (within and across disciplines) of completion rates among a single cohort of individuals some of whom participated in an intervention or set of interventions and others who did not.

Proposed Interventions

  • Admissions grid (department-tailored) to identify factors beyond quantitative indicators (e.g. GPA and standardized test scores) and assess their relevance to doctoral completion
  • Pre-admission campus visits
  • Provide completion data to prospective students during campus visits and on departmental and Graduate School websites
  • Develop new online annual student progress evaluation and self-assessment tool
  • Retention services for “at-risk” students
  • Graduate student mentoring workshops as part of New Faculty Teaching Scholars program
  • Conflict resolution workshops
  • Graduate and Professional Women's Network
  • Fellowship block grants : allocate an increasing proportion of all fellowship funds through a departmental “block grant” rather than individual student competitive process. Departmental selection criteria now in use include indicators of depth and diversity of applicant pool, selectivity, and yield; evidence of innovative recruitment and professional development programs; data on retention , completio n, and placement rates, etc.
  • Incorporate exit interview results into graduate program report cards
  • Annual evaluations
  • Comprehensive department graduate student handbooks
  • Enhance DGS/graduate contacts orientation and professional development program
  • Peer mentoring / “colleague circles”
  • Dissertation support group
  • Funding for departmental initiative


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