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Research Partner Profile

University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign

Principal Investigator
Debasish Dutta
Dean of the Graduate College
(217) 333-6715

Co-Principal Investigator
Kelly Tappenden
Associate Dean of the Graduate College
(217) 333-6715

Participating Programs (14)
Animal Sciences
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Educational Psychology
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Political Science

Participation in Phase I of the project allowed UIUC to forge key collaborations with committed units on campus, further their data collection practices, and make significant strides towards understanding of attrition and completion issues at Illinois. Leveraging this information from Phase I, they have begun to implement many successful and targeted interventions to provide appropriate support to their students and faculty that serve as the basis for their Phase II project. UIUC will begin Phase II of the Ph.D. Completion Project with a Guided Program Self-Assessment where the fourteen participating programs will review their completion and attrition patterns. The Graduate College will then present a Continuum of Targeted Intervention Strategies enabling participating units to effectively tailor their interventions to those areas identified to be ďat riskĒ for graduate attrition during their Guided Program Self-Assessment.

Sample Interventions

Acclimation Interventions
    • Graduate Student Information Fair
    • Summer Pre-Doctoral Institute (for underrepresented students)
    • Grants and Fellowships Proposal Workshop

Sustaining Momentum Interventions
    • Career Assessment Activities
    • Thesis Deposit Workshop (for masterís thesis)
    • Problem-Solving Services

Late-Stage Attrition Interventions
    • Nonacademic & Academic Job Searches
    • Dissertation Writing Workshop and Residency
    • Individual Student Advising


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